Alycia Burton

Free Riding NZ


Alycia Burton has a talent for spotting potential that a lot of others cant in horses that have been neglected, beaten, broken and abused. Horse's that have hurt themselves or their trainers turn up onto her property and she spends long hours investing care and attention to them to rehabilitate and fix their broken spirits.

Alycia's rise to fame was a accident, and took her completely by surprise. She posted a picture of her and her horse Banjo 'free jumping' and after people saying it's photoshopped, she posted a video of them just playing around in the paddock doing it. That video has gained her over two million on her videos and over three million on her youtube channel.

Alycia was born in 1988 and was raised in Doubtless Bay on New Zealands east cost. Her life hasnt always been full of rehabilitating horses, although horses have always been part of her life, she grew up on a farm with 3 older brothers and hard working parents. She dropped out of school at the age of 15, with no qualifications, she started her working career with a job in her small town. Then went on a journey that led her to Auckland where she started working up the corporate ladder. From hard work and dedication, Alycia now has a long term lease on a 20 acre property in Karaka, the heart of horse racing and training in Auckland which has allowed her to take in 'useless' horses and take them right back to the basics and turn them into top athletes thriving in her care.

Of all the horses Alycia has owned, one in particular stands out and has stolen her heart, Banjo. Also known as Classic Goldrush, Banjo is right beside her on her path to success. When watching Alycia and Banjo jump together, it is outstanding to see them both moving in sync, knowing every move each of them are going to make. There is nothing more amaziong then watching a rider who loves her horse, and a horse who loves his rider and is completely committed to it's rider. That is the connection you want to see when you watch a horse and rider jump together.

Alycia's Free Ridinbg is unique, she doesnt follow any methods of training and most of what she knows, her horses have taught her. She has made a documentary and in it people are given the opportunity to see at first how something so dangerous, so new and so inspirational can be possible. You can really see the extremely high level of trust between the rider and her horse.


Classic Goldrush

10 Year Old, 15.2 hh Palomino Pinto Gelding Classic Goldrush also known as Banjo was bred in a rodeo up the top of New Zealand and grew up on very steep country land. He was quite difficult to handle and was gelded young because of this. He was broken in briefly when he was 4 and then left to finish growing and was hardly touched until he was 7. After 6 months of Alycia owning him, he grew into a beautiful horse with a lot of muscle. His jumping ability was outstanding and his manners were unbelieveable. Alycia started jumping him bareback which turned into free riding.

Classic Goldcard OL

5 Year Old, 16.1 hh Palomino Tobiano Stallion Goldcard is the latest edition to Classic Performance Horses Ltd. He has superb breeding, colouring and a temperment to match. He has been broken in bareback and has already started free riding. He has the ability to match Goldrush. Goldcard is a loveable horsee who doesnt act like a stallion, he is so easy to handle. He has a nature similar to Goldrush and is highly intelligent and will start competing this summer.